Dr Marzia Galli

EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow

PhD University of Southampton

MSc and BSc (hons), University of Rome, La Sapienza

Leonardo da Vinci Schollarship (2012) with Prof. Dr. Erik Van der Eycken at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Email: m.galli (at sign) soton.ac.uk

Marzia Galli

Dr Amanpreet Kaur Chahal

Royal Society-SERB Newton International Fellow

PDRA with Prof. Andrew Abell, The University of Adelaide

PhD (Dr. Navneet Kaur), Panjab University

MSc, Punjabi University Patiala

Email: A.K.Chahal("at" sign) soton.ac.uk

Elise Rochette

Dr Elise Rochette

MSci (hons), Strathclyde University

PhD (Dr. Rob Stockman), University of Nottingham

PDRA with Prof. David Chen, Seoul National University

Email: e.rochette("at" sign) soton.ac.uk

Elise Rochette

Dr Jamie Lewis

BSc (hons) and PhD (James Crowley), University of Otago, New Zealand

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow

Favourite Element: Palladium

Email: jem.lewis ("at" sign) soton.ac.uk

Jamie Lewis

PhD Students

Mathieu Denis

3rd Year PhD Student

MSc in Molecular Chemistry (hons) and BSc Degree of Science in Chemistry with distinction (Rank: 4/58), University of Rennes I, France

Email: m.denis (at sign) soton.ac.uk

Mathieu Denis

Zhi-Hui Zhang (Peggy)

2nd Year PhD Student (CSC Scholarship)

Email: zz6g15 (at sign) soton.ac.uk


Florian Modicom

2nd Year PhD Student

MSc in Molecular Chemistry (hons) (Rank 1/45) and BSc Degree of Science in
Chemistry (Rank: 1/90), University of Rennes I, France

Email: fm6g15 (at sign) soton.ac.uk

Florian Modicom

Ellen Jamieson

1st Year PhD Student

Mchem in Chemistry (hons), University of St. Andrews

Email: e.m.g.jamieson (at sign) soton.ac.uk

Florian Modicom

Visitors and Project Students

Dan Mannering

4th year MChem student in collaboration with Jon Kitchen

James Foote

3rd year undergraduate project student (Soton)

Aqilah Bte Hj Abd Rahman

3rd year undergraduate project student (Soton)

Ex Group Members

Ed Neal

4th Year PhD Student

BSc (hons) University of Bristol
MSc University of Southampton

Favourite Element: Iodine

Email: e.a.neal ("at" sign) soton.ac.uk

Ed Neal

Dr Catherine Fletcher (2014-2015)

MSChem (hons) and PhD (Varinder Agarwal), University of Bristol

PDRA with Tony Barrett, Imperial College


Favourite element: Boron

Email: c.fletetcher ("at" sign) soton.ac.uk

Cath Fletcher

Jessica Pancholi

4th Year PhD Student

MSci (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from QMUL

Favourite Element: Silver

Email: j.pancholi ("at" sign) qmul.ac.uk

Jess Pancholi

Maraisa Sachini

Visiting PhD 4th year student from Diogo Ludkte's Group at UFRGS, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Science Without Borders Funded


Maraisa Sachini

Dr Joby Winn (2012-2014)

MSCi (hons) and PhD (Paul Clarke), University of York


Joby Winn

Robert Bordoli (2010-2014)

Graduated PhD student

MChem (hons) Dunelm

Favourite Element: Seaborgium

Rob Bordoli

Ben Groombridge (2010-2014)

Graduated PhD student (with Dr Igor Larrosa)

BSc (hons) University of Bath

Favourite Element: Francium

Ben Groombridge

Kajally Jobe (2009-2013)

Graduated PhD Student (with Prof Mike Watkinson)

BSc (hons) in Medicinal Biochemistry
MSc in Synthetic Chemistry with Industrial Collaboration

Kajally Jobe

Camille Vanuxem (2011)

Visiting student (ESCOM, France)

Camille Vanuxem

Luca Cera (2010)

Visiting student (Milan, Italy)

Luca Cera

Hicham Lahlali (2010)

Visiting student (ESCOM, France)

Hicham Lahlali

The Group (+Abi) celebrating our Hickinbottom Award
(May 2014)

The Group October 2013

The Group looking their best (October 2013)

The Group October 2013

From left to right at the back: Steve, Sabri (MSci), Ed (PhD), Joby (PDRA), Ben (PhD);
front: Rob (PhD), Jess (PhD), Louisa (MSci), Marzia (PhD), Vaishali (MSc) and Kajally (PhD)