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The Goldup Group carry out cutting edge research on the synthesis and application of mechanically interlocked molecules such as rotaxanes and catenanes at the University of Southampton. See the "Research" section of the website for more details.


If you're looking for a PhD working on the synthesis and applicatons of interlocked molecules check out our advert here. We'll be recruiting post doctoral fellows in the near future so check back soon!

18/1/2017 - Jamie, Luca and Joby's paper on oligorotaxanes has been highlighted in Synfacts by Timothy Swager and Constantin-Christian Voll - see here

31/12/2016 - Thanks from the Goldup group to our collaborators, reviewers (OK most of them) and readers for a great 2016!

25/12/2016 - Merry Christmas to all! Oh, and Jamie and Joby's paper was accepted today in Molecules!

21/12/2016 - Jamie, Joby and Luca's paper appears on the cover of JACS. On the left below is the final version. On the right is our favourite runner up (Jamie showing off his POVRay skills!)

15/12/2016 - The Group accept the Bob Hay Cup on Steve's behalf at the MASC meeting.

14/12/2016 - The Group travel to MASC2016 in Edinburgh (great logo!). It's been an eventful week with plenty to celebrate - have fun guys!

14/12/2016 - Jamie Lewis has been awarded the Dean's Prize by the University of Southampton for his contribution to research at the University - congratulations Jamie!

13/12/2016 - Ms Marzia Galli is soon to be Dr Marzia Galli after successfully defending her thesis today! Marzia is the first student to graduate from the Group in Southampton - congratulations Marzia!

23/11/2016 - Steve visits the University of Bologna, home of rotaxane chemists Credi and Balzani, hosted by Professor Marco Lucarini to present the group's research and develop collaborations. And after a wonderful dinner had a very atmospheric tour of the city!

21/11/2016 - Steve has been awarded the 2016 Bob Hay Lectureship by the RSC Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry discussion group in recognition of the group's research!

14/11/2016 - Steve presents the group's research at Merck in Chilworth, Southampton's "local" industrial chemistry giant!

10/11/2016 - Jamie, Joby and Luca's paper on the efficient and controlled synthesis of oligorotaxanes has been highlighted in Chemical and Engineering News - click here.

9/11/2016 - Southampton hosted a visit today from the Royal Society, a body that close to our hearts (they currently fund Steve's fellowship). It was a very useful meeting with some interesting new directions coming out of the Global Challenges Fund. Any budding academics, it's worth checking out the Royal Society's Fellowship schemes - a very good way to start your career!

7/11/2016 - Jamie and Marzia's review on mechanically interlocked molecule-based ligands has just appeared in Chem. Commun. - click here.

5/10/2016 - And in other news, Jamie, Joby and Luca's paper on the synthesis of oligorotaxanes is out now in J. Am. Chem. Soc. - precision engineered oligorotaxanes for all!

5/10/2016 - BIG NEWS!!! The Nobel Prize for Chemistry for "The Design and Synthesis of Molecular Machines" was awarded today to Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Sir J. Fraser Stoddart and Bernard (Ben) Feringa! A really big day for molecular machinists and chemists everywhere. Congratulations - inspiring and inspired scientists all!

29/9/2016 - Nice end to the week - Mathieu won first prize in the PhD poster competition!

27/9/2016 - New year, new research, new students: welcome to the group Ellen, Aaron, Courtney, Elayda and Thomas! (pictures to follow)

23/9/2016 - Steve is one of the top 10 peer reviewers for Chem. Soc. Rev. in 2016! Not sure if that means he's unusually nice, unsually tough...?

7/9/2016 - Ed's paper on self-sorting for the stereospecific synthesis of [3]rotaxanes with two different rings by taking advantage of the detailed mechanism of the AT-CuAAC reaction is online now in Angew. Chem. - check it out here!

21/7/2016 - Jamie's poster was selected by the poster judges for a short talk at the Telluride meeting. He gave an excellent presentation of his recent work on oligo-rotaxanes - coming to a journal near you soon!

19/7/2016 - Steve presents the group's work at the Molecular Rotors, Motors, and Switches Workshop in beautiful Telluride, Colorado.

15/7/2016 - We were very pleased to host Prof Keiji Hirose from Osaka University and hear his fascinating thoughts on chirality in rotaxane structures.

24/6/2016 - The Southampton Supramolecular Chemistry Symposium was a great success. Lots of excellent talks from our invited PhD and PDRA speakers and our plenary speaker AP de Silva did us proud. Congratulations to our poster and talk prize winners. Thanks also to our generous sponsors. We hope to see many of you again next year: http://goldup.soton.ac.uk/SouthamptonSupra/

9/5/2016 - Marzia, Cath and Marc's paper on the "easy" anti-Markovnikov hydrobromination of alkenes in the New Talent issue of Org. Biomol. Chem. is up online - if you need a primary bromide and need it quick you should check it out!

5/5/2016 - Steve's Early Excellence author profile in the Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry is online. Not too many cringe-worthy answers there...

22/4/2016 - Steve's News & Views article on a new rotaxane catalyst from Dave Leigh's group is published. Click here for more information.

22/4/2016 - Steve visits the Cronenbourg campus at the University of Strasbourg hosted by Jean-François Nierengarten to deliver an invited lecture, discuss even more science and eat even more lovely local food, this time choucroute. A diet may be needed after this trip...

21/4/2016 - Steve visits the downtown campus at the University of Strasbourg hosted by Prof Jean Weis to deliver an invited lecture, discuss science and eat a lot of tarte flambée. There was a bit of time for site seeing during the visit, including the birth place of Charles Friedel of Friedel-Crafts fame!

18/3/2016 - Last visit on this trip! Steve visits our collaborator, Dr Thien Ngo, at NIMS in Tsukuba to deliver an invited lecture and discuss an exciting forthcoming paper - watch this space!

17/3/2016 - Steve visits the Yokohama campus of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, hosted by Profs Osakada and Suzaki, to deliver an invited lecture. Lot's of excellent discussion about interlocked molecules and chirality!

15/3/2016 - Steve visits the Unversity of Osaka, hosted by Profs Harada and Nakanishi, to deliver an invited lecture and eat some excellent food!

14/3/2016 - Steve visits the Unversity of Kyoto, hosted by Prof Terao, to deliver an invited lecture.

10/3/2016 - Steve delivers an invited talk at an exciting International Supramolecular Chemistry Symposium (click here for details) in Kanazawa organised by Profs Ogoshi, Mizuno, Akine and Maeda.

8/3/2016 - Steve's off to Japan to visit our collaborators and visit some excellent rotaxane chemists in Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo and NIMS.

27/1/16 - Our paper on the high yielding synthesis of macrocycles has been published online in Chem. Sci. Click here to see the accepted copy. It was a joint effort but thanks to Jamie for leading the team and particular congratulations to Mathieu, Elise and Cath on their first paper with the group. Definitely not their last though!

22/1/16 - Great day and great talks with our collaborators from Kanazawa in Japan, Profs Tomoki Ogoshi, Katsuhiro Maeda, Shigehisa Akine and Motohiro Mizuno. Lots of excellent science and discussions. Photos from the day to follow soon!

8/1/16 - Dr Ed Neal's last day in the Goldup Group as he's moving on to pastures new. Thanks for all the hard work Ed and good luck for the future!

1/1/16 - Happy New Year!

22/12/15 - Congratulations to Ed Neal on winning the MASC2015 prize for the best flash talk. Well done Ed!

21/12/15 - Our paper in collaboration with Dr Thien Ngo in NIMS has been published online - see here.

12/12/15 - Steve travels to PacifiChem in Hawaii to present the group's research on mechanically chiral rotaxanes. (photo below is provided below is for proof only and is not representative of how Steve spent his time)

24/11/15 - Marzia and Jamie's paper in Angew. Chem. on rotaxane catalysts (click here for the original article) has been highlighted in a very nice Nature Chem. N&V article by the excellent Ai-Lan Lee (click here for N&V piece).

11/11/15 - PhD positions availableto to join the group in 2016 and work on exciting applications of interlocked molecules in catalysis - check out the vacancies page for details and how to apply.

4/11/15 - Our colleague Jon Kitchen's new website is now live - check it out here. Very excited to be working together on a Directed Assembly Network Pump Priming Grant!

28/10/15 - Steve visits Universität Wien to present the group's work on "functional rotaxanes" and visit Prof Nuno Malide (check him out here) and his colleagues. Not only great science and hospitality but it turns out Nuno is a local celebrity - see below! (and yes Steve is aware that he looks like a tourist who bumped into an actor on the metro and asked for a photo).

16/10/15 - Congratulations to Jess on passing her viva - well done Dr Pancholi!

21/9/15 - Marzia and Jamie's paper is now online as an Angewandte Early View - check it out if you like your catalysts interlocked, stimuli responsive and selective!

10/9/15 - Jess handed in her these today - looking forward to the viva celebrations!

5/9/15 - Congratulations to Aysegul, ex-visitor in the Goldup Group who got married today!

19/8/15 - Congratulations to Marzia and Jamie who have just had their paper accepted in Angewandte. Link will be posted once it's online!

19/8/15 - Ed has just finished his JSPS summer placement working with the excellent Tomoki Ogoshi. And here's a photo to prove it. Off round Japan now and then back to Southampton to finish up a few things...

14/7/15 - The group's work has been highlighted in the EPSRC National Mass Spectrometry Facility's annual report 2013-2014. This service is a really excellent national resourse and we really wouldn't have been able to do a lot of our work without their support - thanks guys!

17/6/15 - The re-establishment of the Southampton Supramolecular Chemistry Symposium went extremely well last week - excellent science, good company and a bit of magic thrown in. We look forward to welcoming you all back next year!

16/6/15 - Congratulations to (soon to be Dr) Rob Bordoli on successfully defending his thesis!

4/6/15 - Steve visits Temple University in Philadelphia and presents the group's work, hosted by Bill Wuest. Lots of great chemistry chat and excellent food!

30/5/15 - Finally! An up to date group photo. Anyone would think they were shy!

21/5/15 - Congratulations to Jamie Lewis, the Goldup Group's first Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow!

20/5/15 - Steve presents his final Hickinbottom Award Lecture at an excellent one day symposium in Liverpool. And receives his medal!

18/5/15 - Steve's Nature Nano N&V piece has just appeared online.

12/5/15 - Congratulations to Zhi-Hui Zhang (Peggy) who has won CSC PhD funding to join the group in October!

11/5/2015 - Welcome to Mathieu, a visiting student from Rennes.

15/4/15 - Steve presents the group's work in Leeds.

13/4/15 - Welcome to Thomas, a visiting student from Rennes.

30/3//15 - Steve's collaborative paper on the degradation of Rhodamine B with Steve Dunn from QMUL just appeared online in RSC Advances.

11/3/15 - Welcome to our new PDRA Elise Rochette!

13/2/15 - Ed's paper on the formation of [3]rotaxanes is online now!

4/2/15 - Steve is at Imperial College today delivering an RSC Hickinbottom prize lecture alongside Profs Fraser Stodart and David Leigh - tough gig!

4/2/15 - Ben's paper on unnusual selectivity in the PEPPSI-IPent mediated couplings of aryl chlorides is online now.

3/2/15 - Congratulations to Ed on having his paper accepted in Chem. Sci.!

20/1/15 - And congratulations to Dr Ben again - paper accepted in Chem. Comm.!

8/1/15 - Congratulations to (Dr) Ben Groombridge on passing his viva! Well done!

7-9/1/2015 - Steve does a viva tour of the UK to examine students in Birmingham, London and Edinburgh. Three vivas in three days! Thank goodness all of them performed very well - it was a pleasure!

5/1/2015 - Happy New Year to all and welcome to our visiting collaborator Diogo Lüdtke from UFRGS in Porto Alegre in Brazil! (http://www.iq.ufrgs.br/dsl/index.php/diogo-s-ludtke)

23/12/2014 - Merry Christmas all from the Goldup Group (tree courtesy of Mathieu). Looking forward to more great science in the New Year - roll on 2015!

16/12/2014 - Marzia won the prize for best flash presentation at MASC2014 - well done!

15/12/2014 - we may have a new logo, as designed by Jamie during at bit of "down time" at MASC2014!

15/12/2014 - the group travelled to Norwich for MASC2014 where Ed, Jess and Marzia presented posters and talks on our latest reseach. Awesome meeting organised by Sean Bew ably assisted by Zoe - really outstanding chemistry in beautiful surroundings.

27/11/2014 - Steve gives his second RSC Hickinbottom Award Lecture in Sheffield. Really lovely city but a bit hilly for a run (in the rain)!

25/11/2014 - Steve gives his first RSC Hickinbottom Award lecture in Bath as a double bill with Silvia Diez-Gonzalez from Imperial College. As always, a great opportunity to see old friends, make new ones, talk chemistry and wander Bath's beautiful (if rainy) streets (photo below is from the hotel room, once the rain had stopped).

18/11/2014 - Steve visits Rennes to meeting with our collaborators and present the group's work. Excellent chemistry and excellent food, as expected!

5/11/2014 - Maraisa, a visiting PhD student from Diogo Lüdtke's group at UFRGS in Porto Alegre, joins the group to work on the development of Zn mediated rotaxane synthesis - welcome Maraisa!

28/10/2014 - Steve cooks a traitional Brazilian churrasco for Diogo's group (alternative interpretation: Steve has photo taken pretending to cook and then goes back to eating and drinking while someone else does the work).

21/10/2014 - Steve presents the group's work at the Multidisciplinary Chemistry Without Borders Symposium in Porto Alegre, Brazil, alongside a stunning line up of scientists from all over the world.

3/10/2014 - The lab is up and running and we've made our first new rotaxane in our labs in Southampton - well done Marzia!

19/9/2014 - The Goldup Group have landed in Southampton! The lab's nearly set up. Looking forward to getting started on the 29th of September!

18/9/2014 - The Goldup Group have hit the road. Sad to be leaving QMUL but we're excited about our home and new start!

30/08/2014 - Steve is now officially 90% of the way to 40. Oh well, there's always cake to make it better!

10/8/2014 - Steve presents the group's work on mechanically planar chiral rotaxanes at the RSC ISACS Challenges in Organic Chemistry meeting in Shanghai.

30/7/2014 - Slightly belated news - Steve has been admited as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry as announced in the Times newspaper on Wednesday 16th July!

25/7/2014 - Jess' paper on the synthesis and evaluation in living cells of biologically targeted zinc sensors is currently #3 in the list of most downloaded papers for Chem. Sci. for the last 30 days!

10/7/2014 - Bubbly, donuts and chemistry - it must be group meeting time! (oh, and we got a grant yesterday - watch this space if you've got a background in catalysis and are looking for a postdoc...)

17/6/2014 - Steve presents the group's work at the Shanghai Normal University hosted by Prof Hai-Bo Yang. Lots of excellent questions and interesting discussions after the talk. Wei Wang and Jiang-Kun Ou-Yang from the Yang group were excellent tour guides the day before - their feet (high above Shanghai in the Pearl of the Orient) are shown below!

15/6/2014 - Steve presents the group's work on functional rotaxanes at Zeijiang University in Hanzhou, hosted by Prof Feihe Huang. After the talk there was time for a tour with two excellent students from the Huang group, Yujuan and Xiaofan.

12-13/6/2014 - Steve attends and speaks at the first Purple Mountain Research Meeting in Nanjing, hosted by Prof Leyong Wang. An excellent meeting with an awesome line up of speakers! And a really impresive banquet venue!

11/6/2014 - Steve presents the group's work at the ISMSC in Shanghai

10/6/2014 - Our paper on mechanically planar chiral rotaxanes has been highlighted in Nature Nanotechnology - click here

9/6/2014 - Jess presents her Zn sensing work, soon to appear in Chem. Sci., at the ISMSC in Shanghai.

6/6/2014 - Steve gives an invited lecture at the "Frontiers in Molecular Recognition and Function" symposium hosted by Professor Chuan-Feng Chen and Professor Sanzhong Luo at the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. An excellent day of science (and some very nice food)! And the day before there was time for some sightseeing at the impressive Forbidden City and Summer Palace with Professor Chen's student Mr (soon to be Dr) Yun Shen.

3/6/2014 - Steve gives an invited lecture at the East China University of Science and Technology, hosted by Professor He Tian and Professor Da-Hui Qu. There was even time for some sight seeing the day before with two excellent guides from the Tian and Qu groups, Yao and Luan - "holiday" snap below!

27/5/2014 - Congratulations to Jess on getting her first paper accepted. In Chem. Sci. no less!

10/5/2014 - Hurry! Applications close on Monday for our funded 2014 PhD positions - more information

6/5/2014 - Steve's been awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry Hickinbottom Award in recognition of the Group's pioneering work on rotaxane synthesis. Very exciting - pub tonight!

14/4/2014 - Steve travels to Southampton to give a talk on the group's functional(ised) rotaxanes.

9/4/2014 - Just in - Steve will be presenting the group's work on mechanically chiral rotaxanes at the ISMSC in Shanghai this June!

8/4/2014 - We have just advertised two fully funded PhD studentships to start in October - click here

3/4/2014 - Catherine Fletcher and Jamie Lewis join the group to work on our EPSRC funded Bright Idea - welcome!

12/3/2013 - Just received informal confirmation that Steve's Royal Society University Research Fellowship has been renewed until October 2017!

5/3/2014 - Rob's recent paper in JACS has been highlighted in Chemistry World - click here

25/2/2014 - Steve travels to Newcastle to give a talk and visit the department.

22/2/2014 - Rob's paper on mechanically chiral rotaxanes is online and open access - click here

17/1/2014 - Steve and Ed's Feature Article for the Chem. Commun. Emerging Investigator Edition 2014 is online and open access - click here

16/1/2014 - Steve attends the EPSRC Inspire workshop for some top class mentoring and interdisciplinary discussions.

18/12/2013 - the group travel to Glasgow for the excellent MASC2013 meeting and Jess wins a well deserved poster prize!

26/11/2013 - Kajally Jobe passes his PhD viva - the Goldup Group's first Dr!

20/11/2013 - Steve pops over to Bloomsbury to give a research talk at UCL and discuss collaborations.

31/10/2013 - Steve gives a talk at the Pfizer-Neusentis Symposium in Oxford and helps judge their poster competion. Tough work - really outstanding research!

17/9/2013 - Vaishali Sanger joins the Goldup Group as an MSc student - welcome!

16/9/2013 - Louisa and Sabri join the group to do their 4th year project - welcome!

23/8/2013 - Joby's JACS paper on the mechanical stabilisation of a Cu(I)-organometallic is online and open access - click here

23/7/2013 - Marzia Gali joins the group early as a very keen PhD student!